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Resources to Support Student Learning at Home  & Other Family Resources

Teachers and other professionals in our church are available to assist in how to access and use the resources provided below.  For help, email:
Kathy Alston at
Tiffany Henry at 
Robin Brown at

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God;  I will strengthen you, I will help you,  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  [Isaiah 41:10]

Academic Development & Enrichment

Actively Learn


  • Assign Content Video for students to view 
  • Assign assessments w/ videos for students to take
  • Assign coding, video, and mind-mapping projects for students to create
  • Use BrainPop Educators for lesson planning and preparing
  • Click here to gain free access.


  • Flexbooks available Math, Science, and Social Studies – practice lessons, activities, interactives, and more
  • Click here to view.

eLearning Days Best Practices/Help Guides


  • Financial Literacy, Social Emotional Learning, Health & Wellness, Career Readiness, and more.
  • Click here to register.

Fluency and Fitness

  • K-2 – 60+ Reading and Math Topics
  • Over 900 videos
  • Incorporate learning and movement
  • Parents can use with children
  • Free 21 day accounts – Click here for more information

Google for Education Resources:


  • iCivics provides educational online games and lesson plans to promote civics education and encourage students to become active citizens. 
  • iCivics was founded in 2008 by retired Supreme Court of the United States Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.



Mosa Mack Science

  • Mysteries, Labs, and Engineering Challenges for 4th-8th graders
  • Due to the recent school closures, Mosa Mack Science is providing all content free for 30 days to ensure kids can stay engaged while learning at home. Stay safe and healthy.


  • Nepris is an online community that virtually connects students with career professionals to bring real-world relevance and exposure to student learning through short, micro-engagements.
  • These virtual career discussions, hosted by industry professionals via video chat, are now available for your students to experience in the classroom and even from home, for older students. With relevant topics like financial literacy, soft skills, entrepreneurship, and even the study of viruses, we encourage you to utilize this open resource.
  • Learn more and register for virtual Industry Chats here.

Woot Math

  • Woot Math
  • 3rd-6th grade practice exercises/lessons/resources

Christian Growth / Bible websites for kids

From the Christian Broadcast Network

Physical Development


These workout videos are ones kids enjoy – they are fun, appropriate, and get them moving. These don’t require any special workout equipment either! Just clear a space in your living room, set up a laptop or connect your TV to YouTube and get going!Animal Exercises for Kids – fun, and easy enough for toddlers too!

Just Dance for Kids – 5 Little Monkeys – this is a video game that our family loves, but if you don’t want to invest in the game, this video shows one of our favorite songs! The repetition makes it a cinch for pre-school age and up.

Shake Break – confession: I think this one is ridiculous. But my kids seriously love it, and it gets them moving and active, so I can’t complain!

Mummy & Toddler Workout – you knew it was coming . . . time for Mom to get in on the fun! Perfect for your toddlers to stay entertained and active while you get some exercise in.

Kids Workout with Paul – old school and ridiculously cheesy, but it keeps us entertained while we exercise together! Better for school-age kids than toddlers.

Yoga for Kids – my daughter loves this video. I put it on for her almost everyday! She knows Mom loves yoga, so I think she feels like a “big-kid” when she gets to do this, instead of one of the “silly kid videos”.

Kids Yoga – another option for yoga, a little longer and more kid-oriented explanations.

Kids Workout Video – this video is best for my older kids, who aren’t looking for something goofy and fun, but want a “real” workout. It has background music and keeps things moving so they aren’t boring!

Just Dance Kids – Despicable Me – another option for your dancers, this is more hip-hop style but all the “moves” are very appropriate.


Articles and Videos

Helpful Articles


  • ​SNAP Benefits/Food Stamps-Online or via phone
  • Central Pennsylvania Food Bank-717.564.1700
  • Utility Assistance-If you are struggling to pay your utility bills, contact your service provider right away. Many utility service providers offer emergency assistance programs at this time.
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Health Care/Medical Assistance-1-866-550-4355 (may not be available at this time)
  • County Assistance Office’s across the state are closed, but the link provides access info to residents.